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Bridging the Worlds: The Portal of 2012

When next you find yourself staring into the night sky, consider the raw and elemental world of the ancient Mesoamerican shaman astrologers, those visionary calendar priests with their feet planted on an earth free of chemical pollution, gazing into a night sky free of the hindrance of air traffic and city lights. Their appreciation for the evolutionary relevance spelled out in the astronomical grand crosses and alignments that graced their skies drove them to transcend their personal needs and fears, to leave behind all that was safe and to leap empty-handed into the abyss of the unknown, to journey to the Center of the Galaxy and retrieve the mysteries of time, explaining the implicit order of the Cosmos for the benefit not only of their own communities but of the Human race ofthe future.

Without the gift of their knowledge, passed down through artifacts and the integrity of their ancestral lineage to be translated by the shaman anthropologist of today, would we even be aware of the portal of opportunity that is now dilating in readiness for rebirth at the end of their calendars? As we look back in awe, so they looked forward, to this, our time; for we live in the time of prophecy, not a prophecy of salvation and atonement driven by guilt and fear, but one written in the empirical language of the stars and planets, that speaks of a coming synchronization of cosmic influences that will open the portals of time; a prophecy not of the end, but of the beginning.

The Mayan sky-watchers understood that, radiating from the Galactic Core, was the supreme organizing principle of creation, a light-encoded directive to be translated through the evolutionary symbiosis that is shared by all conscious entities within the embrace of our Sun’s influence. Every day, every breath, every thought, is infused with an all-encompassing numinous Intelligence from the Sun, imprinting on our DNA, with every ray of light, a stream of Source Consciousness transmitted through the prism of the Sun’s sentient body from the Benevolent Heart of Creation.

Those shaman astrologers understood that the challenge for Humanity was not merely to survive this time of transformation, but to birth its potential, through individual and collective bio-circuitry, into a manifestly new model of existence, a new paradigm. These sky-watchers ached to be present in these days of culmination, poised before the ultimate Human challenge of the total transformation of ourselves, our world and our solar system. To be incarnate at such a time!

But did they know how hard it would be, how much courage it would take to awaken from the narcotic density which is being laid upon our world, creating the convincing illusion that renders us pathologically obedient to its insane political, religious and social structures? They may not have known the sophistication of consciousness manipulation that would evolve through time in this dimension, but they did know that we would succeed. Their shamans saw the future rise phoenix-like, as all the planets aligned with the solstice Sun and the Center of the Galaxy to instigate the dismantling of the illusions of duality in one true moment of time and space; to calibrate, with the conscious co-operation of Human cosmic comprehension, a new measure of existence.

In the light of this prophesy, are we to betray our ancestors by concerning ourselves with shallow dreams of happiness, with a ‘Hallmark’ bells-and-smells spirituality that serves as a harbor of false calm in the sea of our present global insanity? Are we to passively accept the false time-space frequency that governs our deepest bio-informational programs, convincing us of a mortally defined parameter in which to organize our short existence? There are countless programs that have been instilled within the mass consciousness of Humanity through its archetypal belief systems, the manipulation of history and an erroneous definition of God. However, the entire memory of the true Human genesis is intact and exists in its entirety in the cerebral cortex, the temple of remembrance. We cannot be deceived forever, for we are the truth.

It is not enough to be informed of the false teaching of our history and ancestry. In order to override the deep indoctrination of this programming we must reinstall tangibly, within the body, the energetic circuit-board that will incorporate a synthesis of electromagnetic data, an omniscience that defines the true transcendental Human. As the Source circuits of the first fractal of the actualization phase put in place the data-feeding circuits of Prime Consciousness, which, through resonance, decode the memory matrix of the original Human blueprint, a deep healing occurs, as fear is diminished by the comfort of the cosmic embrace. It is in the second fractal of the holonomic actualization phase that the seven circuits of The Temple of Time restore resonance within the space-time co-ordinates of the incarnate body presence with the true living archetypes of our Earth, the Sun and five other planets within our solar system. The cataclysmic disturbance in our solar system and the subsequent deviation from our evolutionary relationship with the creative mandate transmitted by Galactic Center will, ultimately, with the realization of a critical mass of reconnected units of circuitry, be countermanded.

The planetary alignment that zeniths on December Solstice 2012,, 4 Ahau is the portal through which the core density of the galactic photon-wave will enter our neighborhood searching for worldbridgers, for fully reconnected units of bio-circuitry, able to receive and transmit light. The magnetic cooperation of this planetary alignment is an opportunity to override the cosmic disorder within our solar system that is stabilizing the perverted spatial timing frequency of Earth’s present dualistic dimension. The alignment of the solstice Sun of 2012 with the Center of the Galaxy is the eye of a magnetic storm of realignment that will restore the symbiotic evolutionary order of our original solar system. Conscious Human co-operation is essential.

As Humans, our part in this grand realignment is to resurrect our ability to translate the creation mandate of light information and to embody the energetic nature of the true cosmic order. The fundamental requirement to achieve this is the reconnection of our circuitry. Thus we express our Soul Covenant through our physical beings, becoming the template of light, love and life eternal. We must awaken to the totality of the Human predicament and the truth of what is now manifesting on our Earth. Our destiny and the future of our Mother planet depend on it.

In our present state of disconnection from holistic continuum there is no reference point within our psyche for the infinite. As we gaze into the starry night, we try to imagine eternity, our pulses quicken, we reach for a part of ourselves that might understand a holographic identity, the starlight evoking a distant memory of a world beyond the walls of our homes, the streets of our cities, beyond the pain of being Human. In the starry heavens we feel the possibility of deliverance from the brutality, the genocide, the suffering. In the celestial cathedral night a fragment of ourselves, immersed in the reservoir of pleasure and causal desire, is free.

We must now breathe ourselves into this starry identity, spinning the wheels of light through our circuits that connect us to the stars, the planets, the rainbow spheres of light that are everywhere. The night will no longer hold the little death of sleep as, instead, we sink through the fiery gates of the setting Sun to explore the indigo depths of space in lucid states of deep communion, no longer looking up to the stars…we play among them.

The Human Soul Covenant contains a holonomic symbiotic code in which the Human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension as Earth is the sensory organ for Human ascension. As this code is reactivated and integrated through the acceleration of electromagnetic input, via circuitry reconnection, the Human becomes light sensitive, able to join the galactic conversation as every celestial nuance is understood within the occipital receptor at the top of the spinal column, every stellar transmission embraced as the stars and planets recalibrate their intercourse with the Galactic Core. Concentric spheres of cosmic comprehension ripple through the heavens, registering in the shifting sands upon the shores of Human consciousness a holographic celebration of celestial evolution that murmurs… then whispers… then sings, throughout the universe. The awakening has begun…and it all begins with you.

From ‘Worldbridger’, by Juliet and Jiva Carter.

Guided by visionary transmissions and decades of empirically based investigation, Juliet and Jiva Carter received a sequence of coded ceremonies which awaken the light body matrix, restoring the integrity of the original Human blueprint through the resonance of sonic codes and the specific progressions of sacred geometric forms. The reconnection of Human bio-circuitry, instigated by the alchemical ceremonies of The Template, enables us to embrace and prepare for the journey of transcendence by resurrecting the Human ability to translate and utilize the full spectrum of the geometric signal of light – for light is the language of transcendence.

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