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What people say about their experiences:


To anyone interested in The Template, I have been doing the ceremonies for 8 years now and they have transformed my awareness and given me hope when the planet seems to be going mad. What it gives you is a reconnection to your truth and from this inner knowing, all life choices become much more clear cut and easy. It gives you eyes to see clearly the real truth in the deeds of others and ears to hear through the lies you are fed on a daily basis to condition and indoctrinate you. But mostly it gives you hope that by transforming yourself you are becoming an integral cog in the necessary transformation of humanity, if we are to transcend this fear based insane paradigm of over- consumption and war. The Template has changed my life.

- Ms DB

I truly cannot put in to words the effect the Template ceremonies have had upon my life, but I will try.

The journey began nearly two years ago for me over Easter in London with Jennifer. There was so much to let go of and to shed and although I knew what had gone on was seismic I did not know quite how it would unfold. I wept after ceremony five as I knew deep within my heart that the clouds had cleared and the maelstrom had subsided just enough over those four days in order to plant a seed, which I could feel germinating within me. I knew this seed would birth something far more beautiful and that life would change, and it has.

Like we all are, I am very much in the process of deconstructing and dismantling myself. My old guilt and shame programme loses its grip more each and day and I can truly feel my essence and in turn allow it to be seen. The key to this profound shift has been moving in to forgiveness and letting go of past traumas with much greater ease and momentum. The narratives of my life no longer have the hold they previously did or define me in the ways they used to. I am moving beyond my history in order to re-connect to my essential and timeless self. The Template provides the tools to truly know and be known, beyond our conditioning, beyond our deceptions, beyond our fears and addictions and that is no small feat! The potential for intimacy with others and the world at large expands exponentially. To quote a line from the first ceremony we ‘come to realise that there is no separation between us and all that we love’, the illusion of separation begins to slip away and that changes everything.

This is by no means a journey for the faint hearted: moving through this birth canal is testing and at times disturbing. But for anyone who is ready to truly live with every fibre of their being and look life straight in the eye and have it look back, doing the Template will be the journey of a life time and probably many life times! I am beyond grateful to all of the Template team for their commitment to this work and the impeccability of the work, it continues to enhance and transform my life more each day. As I reclaim my sovereignty I remember the truth ‘I am the light, I hold the light, the light is with me always’.

I felt quite emotional looking back over the ground covered since starting the ceremonies nearly two years ago. Life has changed in so many ways and I know it will continue to for all of us. Thank you to all of you and wishing you continued strength and much light as you do this vital work for all humanity.

- Ms RE

2 years ago I first came across The Template Ceremonies in Australia. Each ceremony is a day long process involving sacred geometry, spoken sonic codes and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. It has been a profound journey. Excruciatingly painful in places. Releasing dysfunctional societal programming. Recoding my DNA and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is one of the key pieces of reconnecting with more of my innate power.

I find myself intuiting and creating at a rapid rate with high rates of presence. Complex things often seem obvious to me and I find myself able to connect authentically with a diverse range of people.Life is rich and becoming more so every day.

- DB

I am in awe after this last weekend – in awe of the truth and beauty you have put us in touch with, and in awe of the toughness, determination and talent it has taken to bring this amazing revelation to life and shape it into an experience that can be shared by us all. Living through the series of ceremonies has been such a precious revelation, truly transformative.

- HC

I have been back in NZ for Xmas and New Year and the changes that have taken place in my matrix have been very profound. I have always been sensitive to the energies/emotions of others but not always conscious that I was. I just thought I was a very sensitive person, and hence, growing up not knowing how to handle what I would pick up on, I would bottle it up believing that it was mine. This would result in many years of anxiety, frustration and hopelessness thinking that I was a deluded and damaged human. In a sense, I was.

Since the Template ceremonies I have been releasing and healing the past within myself and it has truly transformed my outlook on life. My friends and family have noticed a shift in me and at times at a bit of loss as how to approach me. My natural sensitivity I now treasure as a strength instead of an overwhelming weakness and presently am tuning in more to my own Sovereign Knowing and trusting it, which has both released and grounded me.

- EP

I have just returned to the U.K from attending the whole series of ceremonies in Bali. I had received the first ceremony via the Original Innocence DVD two months previously and underwent some incredible transformations. My addictions just fell away, I naturally moved to a healthier diet, my general health improved and I lost 2 stone of excess weight in just a few weeks. I look in the mirror now and hardly recognise myself. A four year old problem caused by naive tantric practice healed noticeably, then completely at the 5th ceremony, and a very painful wart on my foot just left. I was apprehensive about completing the ceremonies, realising I arrived there with a lot of expectations but I let go and sank into the ceremonies, soon realising that what was happening was a subtle yet incredibly profound shift of inner awareness. I was becoming what I already knew I was, all aspects of myself (body/mind/spirit) were reuniting and solidifying: I became whole and connected with all that I am and with my surroundings. I feel totally real and alive and can’t wait to share this with as many people I can.

- RA

I was intrigued by the Template presentation, it almost sounded a little bit too good to be true, but there was something that simply resonated with me. Could it really be that simple?

I did the first ceremony on video. I felt it! I really did! I been suffering from exhaustion for many years now and it seems it only gets worse, problems to concentrate, memory loss, etc etc. Well, the first day after I did the ceremony was the first day in months that I actually could have an afternoon with my son without bad temper. (I get angry when I’m tired). And now I have felt the unfolding of something deep inside of me the past week. For example, much, much better patience with my boy. And also certain spiritual concepts that prior to the ceremony were only intellectual concepts to me, and I was really trying to understand them but they remained only a concept of the mind. Now some of them are a natural part of me, not only do I understand them but I realize them on a deep level. The only thing that seems strange is that they weren´t a part of me before.

The Template has brought strength and hope to me. Thank you! This strange thing really does seem authentic (my left brain will have some difficulty digesting that!)

- Ms AT

I was always aware that fear played a role in my life; I was stunned to see to what extent. Only when I had cast aside the hopelessly large baggage, filled with crippling fear, did I realise how much I was actually carrying around. The painfully delicate membrane that was my ego-driven identity prior to this course of ceremonies, driven to out-do everyone else, to be better than everyone else, has been ruptured, birthing a new me - the real me; satisfied with who I am, and with a genuine confidence, free of arrogance. I no longer see life as a competition. I see us all as truly equal for the first time in my life, no one's mere existence a threat to anyone elses', potentially a gift to each other, and the unnecessities that go with with trying to out-do everyone have simply slid away living me peaceful, calm and happy.

- LD

I am aware of a lateral shift in emotion taking place - an economical movement of what energy is necessary to invest in a moment to moment basis. I watch and feel it within me, without my having to do anything, except be awed and grateful. I have a greater awareness and unshakeable sense of rightness of checking in and coming back to any sense of a situation/feeling/person - learning from compassionate discrimination. I can only conclude that this is directly as a result of the "sovereign human" in action, as I have never felt it so viscerally. It feels like a wise, loving, intelligent and gentle energy that moves me towards the best use of my skills in a given situation and allows me to discriminate in order to make the best choices. I no longer feel self-pity, anxiety, worry or depression. Anger still comes up but it passes quickly like a summer storm … the energy is beautiful in its economy.

- MS

The Template ceremonies have opened up doorways that I have been trying to open all my life through regular committed practices. Now I feel my body more than ever, even though previously I dedicated my life to nutrition and physical practices. I love my emotions even more with no fear of their presence, which was something I struggled with when confronting and doing ‘inner work’; now it doesn’t have attachments on me like it used to. I have found a deeper clarity of how my real mind integrates and works with the rest of my Being: this is a physical thing giving me confidence in my very own innate intelligence. The profound truth of higher physics and the ceremony in which it is done I know now is beyond any ideas - but rather it seems to keep unravelling when I look further into it. It is amazing to be a part of this shift embodied in my body. All I can say is this is the thing we have been waiting for, to wake all the Human Beings, and when we wake up through this process we realize we are the ones we are waiting for, ourselves. I feel blessed every day. With gratitude.

- JG

Although you can hardly put the Template experience in words, I realized I partially can explain the reasons for my short grief process after the first ceremony when I ran away in tears. It was saying goodbye to old stuff, dismantling it: I felt like a snake in a period of changing skins. I snapped out of depression on the 3rd day afterwards because I finally allowed myself to get some out-of-the-box perspective. I gave space for the thoughts and dreams that I had never allowed and thought about myself before. It was too tight sitting in that box again - I was suffocating there and I can hardly imagine pushing myself back into it now. And, since I allowed, I gained a great feeling of freedom, power inside, immediately supported by my physical body which resonated higher with it, almost bursting with life energy! For me it was about allowing... allowing myself to be what I am and allowing others to be what they are. Understanding this helped me to enter the second ceremony. I also found another curious thing- I shifted the focus of my attention from people's exterior. Instead of noticing the defects which is a natural habit of my temperament I see more of the beauty shining from behind their physical bodies, mostly from their eyes or through the energy that I feel in their presence.  

- OB

I have been using the Template work (Original Innocence Ceremony, on DVD) to assist me through some very difficult times since December of 2011 – and I feel deeply it helped me return to my divine sovereignty, something I gave up long ago when I entered my past relationship. And just like she (Jennifer Carmen, interviewed by Veronica Keen of the Montague Keen Foundation on Youtube )described, it happens so gradually – I wasn’t expecting anything as I had no predetermined motives, but realized very soon that my behavior changed, my priorities realigned and the devotion to my personal balance of all bodies – and of to the divine masculine and feminine- came in like a beautiful wave. Highly recommended process, I can say with great conviction and certainty it changed my life.

- Ms S

Having been a confirmed skeptic all my life, you can imagine my reaction to being told about yet another process that offered a fast-track alternative to years of meditation and study. I have been involved in a great many processes and all have made claims to be the fastest way of connecting to Higher Self or Source and achieving enlightenment. It is therefore rather strange for me to find myself writing an endorsement for one of these processes.

I came upon The Template model of transcendence roughly two years ago through someone whose opinion I greatly respected. Due to my previous experiences, searching for meaning and understanding had been a slow laborious process and I began to think that I might never find the meaning in my life that I craved. So it was with a feeling of resignation rather than enthusiasm that I attended the first two ceremonies in May 2006.

The affects weren’t instantaneous, but within a couple of weeks I realized that the world around me hadn’t changed but my reaction to it most certainly had. I had been angry for as long as I could remember over a number of issues that I felt powerless to control or prevent. This had led to frustration in the extreme and eventually to deep depression interspersed with bouts of uncontrollable rage. This had completely transformed, I still felt anger, but now it was in a manageable form and I no longer felt the compulsion to act it out in what were often severely destructive ways.

Within a couple of months, I realized that other changes had taken place too, I no longer felt like a victim of life, instead I saw for the first time how my thoughts on a subject directly contributed to the outcome allowing me to see myself as a co-creator (admittedly in the negative at that time). This was something of a revelation to me, as I had always felt powerless to effect the changes in the world that I would so dearly have liked to see, enabling people to live in harmony with each other, and the beautiful planet on which we live.

It was at this time that I booked my place for the remaining four ceremonies which were fittingly held over the Easter bank holiday weekend of 2007 in Glastonbury. Unknown to me then, the sixth ceremony was being held for the very first time and the hall was packed with people that had quite literally come from around the globe. These people, having participated in the previous ceremonies (in some cases many years before) all came together with a common purpose of spirit and the energy in the room was palpable. The ceremonies were beautiful and resonated with me in a way that I could never have imagined possible and even now, a year later I am still discovering new things about myself as a result.

To sum up, I gave nothing to these ceremonies except my attendance and attention, and found to my great surprise and joy that this is all that is required. Belief systems, race, gender or past experiences have no bearing whatsoever and the language of these ceremonies appears to me to be truly universal.

- SP

Wow!! Transformed- and oddly surprised- even though you had explained what I might expect. I completed the first ceremony on the Original Innocence DVD last night. And apart from the phenomenal feeling of calm and almost hypnotic state of total meditation that I had during and directly after the ceremony the feeling I have a day later is really incredible. I woke up early with an abundance of energy- so much so that I almost felt like laughing. I also had a pretty heavy conversation with my partner before I left for Uni and somehow I just knew what to say. I was so calm and I felt no anxiety or fear or desperation and I didn't react negatively to anything she said that probably would have penetrated me personally before. I also just feel like I see everything so clearly!! I was talking to a friend and after a few minutes she was yelling at me about something that was nothing to do with what we had been speaking about - it was like my eyes were wide open and I could see and understand exactly what was happening without actually analyzing it as I usually would. Which is another thing, I am no longer questioning anything, or feel I need to over analyze. And I am not taking other people's emotions personally. I am no longer feeling affected by other people's negativity - or I don't adopt their emotions as my own. It's so nice to feel so sure and calm and not feel exhausted from over-thinking. I feel like I already have the answer somewhere, somehow, and can be present but not feel affected by things I can't control, such as how people react to things and how they express their emotions. It's so interesting though because instead of being upset by how people behave, I am sort of shocked and taken aback. Instead of being busy feeling their negativity and then reacting negatively myself, I can now just act as an observer to their expression so I've notice things more and can gauge a situation better. It has prevented me from over reacting or mirroring their attitude. And somehow I just feel like I know what to do or how to judge the situation.

I noticed today that I am absorbing information more and my energy is spectacularly still high but being distributed in effective ways. My mind somehow knows to use the energy towards concentration, information recall, and encoding new information to create forethought that has helped with motivation and idea generation today!! Those are the most obvious effects that I feel because they have encouraged the biggest changes in many mechanisms I have had in place for most of my adulthood. But we shall see what else comes from such a unique experience! I owe you a huge thank you.  

- GZ

I am now acutely aware of other people's agendas, but I can be easy with this - it doesn't cause me to lose my own centre.  

- PH

From every part of me I thank you and Juliet and Jiva for your stoic guidance and loving support to me and to all of us who have experienced an awakening through the work of the Template. Yes, it is uncomfortable to assimilate this level of transformation but once through the tunnel of energetically airing my dirty laundry, the clearness, clarity and discovery of my true nature (and the continually unfolding path which feels so much more right, abundant and true than everything I did before) are of course, more than worth the trouble.  

- AJ

I had for sometime been meaning to email you both to thank you and share some information, but as with the Template there are no permanent states of Being to write from, as each one gives away to another journey through creation. But it was with being present when the Template Original Innocence DVD was being given out at the talk that I felt that I couldn't wait any longer. My heart smiled at the fact that hundreds of people are going to come out of that talk with a new passion and understanding in them- and the first thing they will do is put on the DVD. It’s so strange to now actually feel for other humans like that, as if they were your family getting a secret.

I thank you both deeply from my heart for what you have helped me to once again connect to- it is in my opinion one of the most treasured and amazing pieces of work I have ever seen and the most vital operating system for all of humanity. The Template is the greatest gift I have ever come across. It has again connected me to the higher levels of my Being I need to access at this time, it has opened up old doorways and knowledge in myself that have shown me my puzzle- piece here. I seem to have bridged over to a place in my Being that is perfect stillness and space, like connecting to the God that flows through my body rather than just the body itself. I not only understand my galactic citizenship but feel it and have begun to work with those in my larger life that have been shut off from me through dimensional manipulation. Slowly in the background a charge builds in me, a divine charge that is nameless and formless - more expansive than terms like "enlightenment" or "realization". It is that which holds all these terms within them and the people and witnesses that see them.

On a human level it has been as beautiful as it has been harrowing. I am seeing that nearly everything in our society has been manufactured, everything from the biggest things like the moon to the smallest things- nothing can be taken at face value any more. For weeks I went through a depression of sorts, what I can only guess Neo went through in the Matrix when Morpheus 'drops the bomb'. At some level I knew all these truths, had read them and even been told them by many-even worked on fixing them. But to finally really feel them in my circuits, to feel the truth cycling around in my system, now that's a whole new ball game!!

Every word you both spoke, every movement and concept is now felt as a living reality, emerging slowly but uneasily from the background. You have given back far more than an energy system or spiritual practice, even the phrase "you have given me back to myself" is short of the truth, no....you have again given me the ability to see and be that which holds all of the selfs that believe they are real. You have again given me access to the awareness where all truth and untruths arise and pass. God has given God back to itself.  

- BY

I am one of those people, like so many, who live in their head. I think all the time. It's one of those states where you don't realize something is up until you experience something different. The changes have been very subtle but very noticeable. Since I had my first connection I have started to feel more relaxed and receptive to the world around me. I suddenly find myself listening to someone talking to me....but really listening, almost like I was a sponge absorbing what they were saying without the endless judgement and chatter from my mind. On the other hand, it's as if I'm watching a movie playing in front of me and instead of being wrapped up in the drama I'm observing it, watching it all slowly unfold....I see people living almost like slaves, sleepwalking, frightened, but I'm just watching it. I feel excited, empowered and I have no idea where I'm going or what's going to happen, but for the first time I feel less frightened by this and awaiting the next chapter. I've been interested in spiritual matters for a long time, but I haven't felt inspired for ages. Now I feel a renewed passion and excitement about change and adventure. I cannot wait to get my next Template ceremony connections.....it's so nice to feel 'me' again. Bring it on!!!

- SC

It was my first time I ever encountered sacred geometry at Stargate and I just got your book, Worldbridger. Crazy, beautiful things have been happening over the last two days that I have been spending with the book. I can’t put it down, every word envelopes me in the most beautiful of sensations and it is blowing my mind how much it describes dreams and little "knowings" I have thought and felt. None of these words do any justice to the experience. I don’t think ever before I felt so at home with something I read or learnt. I feel that something so big is about to change...it is taking my breath away...yet all of it is a very gentle although such an immense movement. Not even having finished the book I know I can’t wait any longer to experience what you guys are describing in the book. Even reading the words and spending time with the symbols induces a very strong feeling of being in love. Thank you, Juliet and Jiva. It’s already been a world of inspiration in these last two days.  

- OF

I couldn't wait until the ceremony weekend I am booked to do to start the re-connection process so I ordered the Original Innocence DVD online. I have just watched it for the second time! It is truly stunning, the exquisite sacred geometry and colours along with the language and ceremonial codes - I was moved to tears many times. What dedication, generosity and pure loving intention from Juliet, Jiva, Zak and of course those who support the work behind the scenes (I know what that involves!) So much gratitude to you all for making this powerful work available at this time. I am going to create an evening and share it with friends when I return home from doing the next ceremonies.

- CW

I got the Worldbridger Phi-sonic Resonance DVD in last week and watched it a couple of evenings ago. I experienced something very profound- what I can only describe as a connection being made to ALL of ME. And I felt a great sense of forgiveness and love for myself. I ended up weeping tears of joy and forgiveness. It was very powerful. Thank you very much for these tones and visual geometries.

- RJ

Attending the Template ceremonies has been the most amazing experience. It was indescribably thrilling to hear being brought together so many truths normally hidden away, discounted and ignored by Western society - truths that I have non-the-less absorbed through a long lifetime of reading. I found it incredibly exciting intellectually, and then to have these truths expressed through ceremony right there in front of me - and by me – utterly wonderful!

If that had been all, I should have been truly delighted and grateful, but immediately after each day of ceremonies, I felt subtly different and each day now I am exploring a new way of being. Straight away I became calm and happy deep inside. I didn’t dare believe it would last but that is how I still am now, several months on: calm and happy. I have hardly ever been calm and happy in my life before and certainly not for weeks at a time, as I am now! All my background mind chatter – the endlessly repeated, unstoppable, worrying mutterings - has ceased, so that the continuing problems that I have no longer dominate my thinking to the exclusion of all else, as they used to. This is a very great blessing and a state I could not have imagined. The fear - which I largely did not recognize that I had - has gone completely and it’s almost like being young again, except that I am more me, now, than I have ever been.

I do find that I am having to speak my truth, as you suggested. However, with it has come a new ability to do so without being as belligerent or aggressive as I used to be. I think this is due to my no longer giving myself the emotional charge of fear in expectation of a negative reaction from other people which would then colour what I said and how I said it. I am finding it difficult to do without the ability to make boring small talk, which has almost entirely deserted me, and since this is all most of my friends want, they are less in the picture. On the other hand, I frequently find myself sitting next to somebody I don't know at a lecture or a concert who, when we fall into casual conversation, tells me something I really want to know on a subject I've been considering, or I tell them something they want to know, right out of nowhere! I really love it when this happens.

Most amazingly, I find that people cannot get to me in the way they used to. I recently spent a whole day on a coach sitting next to someone who talked endlessly about her life in terms of the most extreme negativity, but although I felt for her and tried to help, I was not deeply, damagingly affected by it. Instead, when I realized what was happening, I understood that I must have sat there for a reason and this interested me so much that I did not move away at the first opportunity, as would have been necessary before I did the Template ceremonies. Previously, I could not have managed 10 minutes in this woman’s company without getting into a state of the most extreme emotional stress and spiralling out of control from adrenal exhaustion. Another instance of my new found serenity concerns my employer, who decided last year that he would take a cut of my sick pay (provided by insurance) and although this could have drastic implications for me financially and I had been in a permanent state of worry about the legal fight, I find that I am now strangely detached and no longer spend all day worrying about it as I used to.


My experience of participating in The Template Intensive weekend was everything I expected and more. I found it to be a very grounding experience. After the event I found that a very difficult domestic situation was resolved with an enormous amount of grace and ease that I could never have imagined possible. The communication and facilitation of events was transformed which relieved me of a huge burden of fear and depression. What could have been a very unpleasant situation resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. Receiving the great gift of 'The Template' has transformed my life and those around me.

- JR

I am so glad and relieved to witness my daughter's transformation after the first ceremony - she is liberated, confident and secure in herself. Thank you for this gift.  

- SD

I thank you for your spectacular, magical, transformative work. Apart from the astonishing power of the ceremonies, your presentation of it all was so clear and informative (and entertaining!), so thank you to you for facilitating our first experience of the Template so powerfully. As for how it's affected me, the change in my relationship with my son has been astounding...we used to be at loggerheads for much of the time, but straight away after ceremonies 1, 2, 3 and 4, we started getting along wonderfully. I was blown away by how quickly it happened. I was looking forward to a lessening of my anxiety that others who've done the ceremonies had talked about, but didn't have any movement on that until I went along to a meet-up of Template folk and was encouraged by another lady's work with the mantra you mentioned that came to Juliet during the encounter on Green Mountain, 'I am the light...' I started to work with it too and have now experienced the transformation of the massive fear that I was in. I'm amazed to be so free of it. Thank you so, so much for this precious gift. I can't wait to see what the next ceremonies will bring.

- BJ

A month after the first ceremony I realized I had no more paranoid feelings. After the second and third ceremonies my diet changed spontaneously and effortlessly .

- CJ

My Template experience has totally changed my life in an amazing way. I’ve always known this stuff, I used to dream about it vividly but that was when I was small and I didn’t know how to relate it to the world so I’ve just been suppressing it all with lots of drugs. After the first 4 ceremonies my sister and I had a very special moment when we got home. We were talking in the kitchen and there was some sort of shift in reality. I was reduced to tears of ecstasy for 15 - 20 minutes. It was type of a kundalini moment I guess. I’ve been waiting for this, I’ve always known this day would come, and I was left with absolutely no doubt that I had at last found the connections I had been waiting for. I had to go outside where I sat down and shivered uncontrollably for about ten minutes and the energy was LOVE, pure and unlimited.

I know this stuff sounds mad and you don’t really know me, I’m a very down-to-earth, seeing-is-believing type of guy but I know when something profoundly spiritual is going on although it’s difficult for me to be able to put into words what happened. It was amazing, I was just blown away, but the strangest thing was that we BOTH had it together. 

- RN

The process is so subtle yet so profound. I have been continually energised to complete jobs and clear out within my home and work environment. People are much more accepting of what I say: it is as if I have more 'presence'. I was always very observant: professionally and socially others have used my skills, but now I understand and 'name the game' more. My timing is amazing: it is as if unseen presences, unheard voices communicate with me. My treatments have changed and it is as if the remedies self-select. The process is now so much clearer and faster. My subtle body is doing things and I am even thinking with more depth. It is as if my 'being' has more depth and activity, as if I have 'grown' within my body.

My children, for whom I surrogated, both got in touch with me within 24 hours of the ceremonies. My youngest, at last, is using her voice and making her views known to her partner instead of taking a docile position.  Health for both has improved which is very good. I feel great and much happier. A big thank you!

- MR

I want to say thank you for yesterday – the ceremonies were beautiful and the information that you gave, particularly regarding religion/god impersonators resonated so strongly with me. I felt different about religion and my rituals after the first two ceremonies, but since yesterday I feel even freer and as though anything is possible and I don’t need to be afraid or live by the old constraints. As of yet, I do not know what this means exactly or what will unfold, other than it felt so right to be there this weekend and I know changes have taken place and will continue to. I am feeling more at peace and happier and settled. My relationship with my parents, my father in particular, is changing. I don’t feel we have anything in common and our paths are different but since yesterday I feel free from their judgements and see it as their issue not mine and look forward to the changes that will come about as I don’t have to live by their rules and can truly find who I am and start living it! I wanted to let you know how much I am indebted to you and the Template. I just feel different. I am so grateful for this work. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Well, strange times, up and down...I can look back on this humorously now, but I almost emailed you in August to ask if there's ever been such a thing as a template failure/failee - whether the whole thing sort of hadn't worked on me, despite my cosmic enthusiasm and sense of purpose. I had a real slump in the weeks directly afterwards and felt cynical, sluggish and altogether not myself. But... happy to report that I think I just needed time to assimilate. Obviously I'll know more after Glastonbury in Dec...but I can sense the upgrade happening and it's fascinating. Initial tiredness has given way to increased vitality and physical fitness, bullshit detector even more keen. Tolerance for alcohol, newspapers, booze/binge culture, media lies, time wasting less-than-excellent romantic/social or professional entanglements now tending towards zero. Initial averse reaction to computer technology - in August I could barely stand to look at a screen for 30 mins - has normalised and I can deal with my necessary admin without too much stress. I find I crave and prefer nature to artificial stimuli/entertainment and my memory has improved and changed. I feel somehow very present and enhanced. Yes like you said, a sense of everything unnecessary dropping away, and the other thing you mentioned was increased lack of fear. Important, because warrior type personalities often wear our 'fearlessness' a little too much - it's sort of still fear, in a different guise, if you know what I mean. This still hasn't quite expressed it - but it's all positive. My music career is cranking up with opportunities and my martial arts practice is bouncing off the walls.

- FP

The anxiety I have had for years and the depression that was draining me have completely gone.

- TJ

Life is much easier and pleasanter in the absence of fear! But it's not just me. When I did the ceremonies with you last June/July and then in November at Glastonbury, I included my cat, Pussum. He has been quietly braver since, now holding court on the stairs when I have visitors instead of running away and avoiding them entirely. But it didn't really hit me how big the difference was till last Tuesday morning when I got out of bed leaving him fast asleep, curled up in a ball. I had barely left the room when there was suddenly a clap of thunder followed immediately by a long, loud roll very close by, so I rushed back to open the wardrobe door for him to hide - only to find him on the window sill, looking out to see where the noise was coming from! Since you have a cat yourself, I'm sure you appreciate just how astonishing that is, to see a cat not just unafraid but actively curious about thunder!


Most astounding and heart-warming were the instantaneous changes in my relationships. Without any effort on either side I was in the loving embrace of my family. There were no recriminations, no in-fighting, no arguments, just lots of fun, joy and deep discussions without any judgements at all. I thought that this was my experience alone but I found that all the family members who attended our gathering felt the same. The youngest children present were calm, abandoning their games consoles and mobile phones to play scrabble and monopoly with each other. My friends too noticed something different about me. I noticed I am more myself with very little fear involved with my relationships–even strangers.In fact my lack of fear has been shifting quite dramatically ever since doing ceremonies 1-3.

- ES

The transformations I have seen in those that have done the ceremony are incredible, from those that have been near death and literally "come back" with no fear whatsoever, to those who have left their partners of many years for a new life, to those who have decided what career move they wanted and really going for it, to name but a few.

- JW

I surrogated for my elderly father, with his permission, although he didn’t really understand what I was doing consciously. The effects were remarkable- everyone has noticed the change in him. His relationship with me and my brother is transformed, he is looking after himself better and I can feel his love and affection- he even expresses it, a first!  He is enjoying his life at last and has a lot more patience and acceptance- and much less fear.

- PK

I have noticed subtle changes in myself, such as an improvement in my general energy. For a long time I have had M.E type condition and this I noticed has improved. Also I have noticed that I feel more of a presence about myself, like I am more here, so to speak. Finally, what for me has been the most profound thing is the change which occurred in my internal world – a felt sense – difficult to put in words, a place inside which of deep fear, disconnection, aloneness, like a terrified small child lost and bewildered... anyway this aspect of myself which was just part of me… somehow… just seemed to evaporate following the connection ceremony. So I still have my high days and low days but the difference is now that troubling things seem to be more in the background of my life rather than the foreground. For example, difficult feelings no longer take me over any more, I can deal with myself much better and those difficult feelings seem to pass over more quickly. So far in my process of returning to Self this experience of the ceremonies has been most significant and beneficial.

- SL

I have done my best to go through this (experience of separation) consciously not reverting into old addictions which now have taken a back seat since the Template has come into my life. I have been aware of the influence the full moon has had on me for over 30 years. I would withdraw and struggle to communicate. It would start 6 to 7 days before the full moon. I had convinced myself and others that this was an astrological time for inner reflection, but what a lie! I can see now that I never came out of this time with anything gained, simply a sense of relief that it was over. Today is 6 days from the full moon and so far so good -I don’t feel the usual heaviness. I have been watching and listing to the Phi-sonic Resonance almost constantly during the day. It seems to be working. I can’t wait for the next ceremonies. I am loving every minute of this wonderful connection.

- RA

Thank you so much for last weekend. I am feeling vibrantly grounded and aligned after a few days of emotional turmoil! Also the sound healing I practice has become incredibly direct in each tone, and strong.

- HE

Imagine if there was a pot of gold buried in your back yard and intuitively you knew from a very young age that it was there. When questioning your parents, they fobbed you off with 'it is only in your imagination, no such thing exists and certainly not in our back yard'. Every time you brought up the subject, you were discouraged to pursue it, lied to about it, invalidated, disempowered and told to believe a completely different story. Soon you would give up, unless you truly connected to your intuition and transcended everything that stood in your way of discovering for yourself the truth about this pot of gold. The Template provides the tools to uncover that which was never lost, the pot of gold that lies within us all that has been dormant and well hidden, due to external manipulation, but which remains available to us in all its pristine glory and magnificence.

The Template Ceremonies are spectacular, to say the least. In fact I am pretty well lost for words to describe all six ceremonies, so let me offer these as a token: 'Staring into revolving sacred geometric patterns, transforming into fractal shards of light, dancing golden laser beams of Source Intelligence moves my heart and soul into resonance... the transformation of the outer world of form, mirroring our original blueprint, Light Beings that we are.'

And this, as a token acknowledgement and gratitude to the founders Juliet and Jiva Carter, I read out at the conclusion of our amazing ceremonies: 'Our imagination can only just touch the surface of what you both must have gone through and experienced, in order to bring this extraordinary body of work to us and humanity. For your courage, commitment, determination and immense hearts, we are deeply grateful. For your wisdom, guidance, humility and love, we are forever appreciative. You have mirrored what is within us all and it is a beautiful reflection. And to this awesome group of connected circuitry, it has been an honour to share your journey and space. Our gift back to you, Juliet and Jiva, is to take this newly-remembered, profoundly important work and spread it liberally around our families, communities and the world - to spread it like honey on toast (or if you are an Aussie, like vegemite on toast - and for you raw foodies, like bee pollen on flax seed crackers!!). We are the ones we have been waiting for! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing our waiting to an end. Namaste.'

- RP

The effects are subtle, but relentless and powerful. Over the period of eighteen months since I participated in the first ceremony and then the second and third ceremonies, I have noticed significant changes in my thinking, my behaviour and my results. I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally and I find it a lot easier to speak the truth when I might have chosen to subjugate my needs to someone else's.

- DM

With poster's permission, from a forum on a website:
March 2011: The people behind this work created a series of 6 ceremonies using sacred geometry and spoken word which literally reconnect circuits within the body. I did 4 of the ceremonies at the weekend. I have to say in all honesty that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

After the 1st 2 ceremonies I felt an opening in my 3rd eye area, and an immediate sense of calm and groundedness, (which I still have in every moment) The dynamics between myself and others has changed, I seem to have a natural ease in myself, I do not seek to compete with others, put myself or others down, just am myself, and allow others to be themselves too. I seem to have an extremely long attention span now... I listen to others fully, I seem to not get drawn into dramas or 'react'… I really could go on and on. It wasn't dramatic or painful or cathartic, or hard work, I just attended some really extraordinary and simple ceremonies.

I wish I'd written down everything that I'd noticed which I was no longer doing or experiencing. Mostly I've noticed the calm acceptance that I seem to have for myself and others, and with every event. Its only been 4 days and the ripple effect from this inner change is evident more with each moment. I was looking at the 'testimonials' page on the Template website and found it very moving, as I identified with and recognised the changes others had experienced as within me also.

All I can say is, if you feel drawn to this work, it’s worth every penny. I know it sounds too good to be true, but in own experience, these testimonials are an absolute concrete reality. It’s taken great courage and hard work by the originators- Juliet and Jiva Carter, and others to bring this into the world. I'd say it’s one transformative thing to do which can change yourself, and therefore change reality.

Maybe I need to say it a bit louder to see if anyone has any experiences of these ceremonies here, or anything to add. I only posted about this to draw attention to what I feel in my own experience has been quite a transformative process. It doesn't claim to solve all your problems, or make you rich, or make you more attractive to the opposite sex... but if you look into it, and are willing to give it a go you might just find a change in your response to life, and life's response to you.

All the reactions described to these ceremonies I can say, in my own experience, are true. I wanted to draw attention to the Template ceremonies as something we can do on a personal level to facilitate necessary change. Has anyone here tried the Template ceremonies? Plus the story of how these ceremonies came into existence brings in all the themes that David talks about, which you can see in the introductory Youtubefilms.

(Sounds like a cult. Is this a cult?)

Ha ha, no definitely not. Its a series of ceremonies designed to mend the damage done by the disruption/disconnection to our DNA, causing us to manifest a mutant matrix. There's an excellent book called 'Worldbridger' by Juliet and Jiva Carter, which describes the 20 year process of bringing the ceremonies into being. I'm not sure its on Amazon, but they sell it through their website.

I've never been a 'workshop', 'bells and smells' sort of person, but this came up in my life in a really synchronistic manner, I felt intuitively drawn to do it. Its definitely not a money thing in my opinion. The people involved are very genuine and authentic, and my bullshit detector is generally very refined these days. I just wanted to post about it because I felt it really does what it claims to do... and deserves to be brought to peoples attention.

It really resonated with me reading the book, especially when it spoke about the moon creating the 'mutant matrix', this was years before Icke mentioned it too... and it came as a sudden intuitive realisation by the author, just as it did with Icke. Anyway, people can take it or leave it. I wanted to give a personal advocation for it because in a sea of information, books, workshops etc, I have found this to really work, in a subtle but profound way.

Dec 2011: I thought I'd add that I've recently completed the last 2 ceremonies. (there are 6 in total). The effects I was describing earlier on in the thread, posted in March 2011 have persisted to this day, in fact I would say the effects feel deeper, and continue to unfold.

I notice that a recent interview on Red Ice mentions the Template ceremonies, and echoes what I say, which is, I cannot recommend these ceremonies highly enough!

Its an excellent interview with Jeanice Barcelo about birth trauma. She mentions the Template in the second hour interview, so I guess you would have to be subscribed to hear it. It is an excellent interview anyway (both parts). In the second hour she mentions it approx at the 37min mark if you're interested. Here's the link to the first hour... if you check out the links below the interview, the Template website is listed there. http://www.redicecreations.com/radio...RIR-111225.php

I also have a copy of the first ceremony on DVD, which reconnects the first 12 foundation circuits. I've shown it to a couple of my friends, who both have felt some of the effects I've been describing. The DVD will be available imminently through the website. I bought it at the last ceremonies. To anyone who thinks this is just a money making thing, they told me at the last ceremonies to please buy the DVD, and to feel free to make copies, so that the work gets out there, they want this to affect the morphogenetic field, with enough completed units of circuitry.

(Here's to hoping someone pirates it. Charging for it all is not cool IMO).

Ok, so how do they pay for studio time, food, electricity..housing.. printing up DVDs, literature etc, maintain a website? I could go on..Does David give away his books for free? or his speaking tours? There has to be some kind of exchange while we're stuck in this economy we're in. It doesn't mean its not legitimate if you have to pay something for it. If it cost thousands of pounds maybe. These people just want to cover their basic costs and get the work out there.
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- SM


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