Activation: Initiation, Inspiration

The Tantric Star is formed by interlocking ascending and descending tetrahedrons (see below). Also known as the Mer Ka Ba, the Tantric Star functions as a 3-dimensional mandala, connecting us to our centre point, a stargate into the matrix of manifest reality. It describes the energy pattern created by the electromagnetic male and female potencies of creation as they come together to conceive atoms, Humans, the Universe - the seminal form that Consciousness takes as it initiates the polarisation of the Monad into the sacred enclosure of the Trinity, holding the frequency of the 3rd dimension fully manifest in form.

The Tantric Star activates the male, electric terminal of the pranic tube, in the Sacred Marriage Ceremony which reconnects the 13th circuit.

This form protects against unbalanced magnetic emanations, eg, mobile and cordless phones. With the addition of a circle around the form, it also protects against electric emanations.