Love and compassion, emotional balance, the healing of abandonment and betrayal

The cube octahedron/Iconic Terra Prana Sphere forms the centre of the Heart Star.The stellations add the connection to stellar radiance. The Heart Star, the central fractal within the Human hologram, forms a junction through which all systems of the Human matrix are interwoven. Within the Covenant embedded in the Human matrix the Heart Star fractal is the fulcrum point through which we embody the Benevolence of Creation. It is in frequency resonance with the Heart chakra, facilitating the cleansing of the emotional body.

In the Sacred Breath Ceremony the Heart Star brings Stellar Radiance into resonance with the central fractal of the Human matrix, integrating Sacred Breath through the Earth, survival and procreation centres to unify with the 3rd eye.

This form protects against unbalanced electric energies, eg, computers, televisions etc. With the addition of a circle around the star, it also protects against magnetic emanations.