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The schedules of Template ambassadors who offer ceremonies and talks in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe are listed, with links, underneath Special Events.



CEREMONIES 6- 13(14) IN UBUD, BALI, 2017, September 22nd-29th, 2017

C1-5 must be previously done with an ambassador to be eligible to participate.

See schedules below.

Booking: http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/150052/9c1e981e1e/1415225751/28222b7202/

Email: thetemplateoz@gmail.com to register your interest and for further information


Please note that C14 is in brackets as this penultimate Actualisation ceremony is imminent and expected. If the geometry of C14 Code is not ready start dates will be a day later in Glastonbury although not in Bali.



CEREMONIES 7 – 13(14) IN GLASTONBURY, UK, December 3rd - 10th, 2017

Email: contact@thetemplateorg.com or your ambassador to register your interest.

C1-6 must be previously done with an ambassador to be eligible to participate. See schedules below.

C1-6 will take place in Glastonbury with Claudie Planche from 27th November to 1st December.


Ambassador Location

Lorna & Joshua Lafew
Email: thetemplatecairns@gmail.com
Tel: +61 (0)432 588331

Ceremonies 1 - 5
Events in Australia

Claudie Planche
Email: info@stargaia.com
Tel: +44 (0)1458 835506

UK (Glastonbury), France & Europe

Ceremonies 1 - 6
Events in Glastonbury

Anna Aponi Korakaki
Email: aponiraw@gmail.com
Tel: +003 (0)6948 943088


Ceremonies 1 - 3 in Athens, Greece.
Τελετές 1 - 3 Ελλάδα, Αθήνα
Events in Greece

Jennifer Carmen
Email: jennifer@thetemplateorg.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 8444 4229

UK (London & Regions) & Europe

Ceremonies 1 - 6
Events in London

Lynne Bowkett
Email: lynnebowkett@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1633 661088

UK (Newport, South Wales)
Ceremonies 1 - 5
Events in Australia
Email: barefootdjproductions@yahoo.co.uk Mobile: 07873 317561
UK (South Wales), Portugal
Ceremonies 1 - 5

Contact Leafe for details
Email: chocolatelovetemple@gmail.com
Phone: 01458 835479
Mobile: 07565 167970

UK (Glastonbury & at Festivals)
Ceremonies 1&2

Contact Dunk for details

Margo Brooks
Email: contact@geometrygoddess.com
Tel: +001 510-250-7968

North America

Ceremonies 1 - 6
Events in California



These ambassadors regularly facilitate ceremonies and many of them will travel to groups nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in hosting ceremonies or talks in your area
contact ambassadors directly. For other inquiries e-mail administrator
Jennifer Carmen at contact@thetemplateorg.com.



You can make payments for Ceremony workshops in Australia and Bali here when you have registered with the organiser.

This payment point accepts payments in $US. The currency converter is to give you a rough guide in your local currency of what you are paying.
You do not have to use a Paypal account: you can use a credit or debit card as a Paypal guest.

You can pay for Template workshops in Australia here after you have registered with the organizer.

Please note in the Item field what your payment is for!

IMPORTANT: For payments for workshops in the UK or Ireland please use the pay-point on the Donate page here.


Click the button below to make a payment for ceremonies in Australia ONLY.

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