This is a letter we received following the Seventh Ceremony

In a quiet moment please consider these words coming from an awakened heart. And if the opportunity arises please pass them on to Juliet and Jiva for me. I believe that not even they may not fully realise what they have done with C7.

During my transit through C 1-6 I watched people struggle with release from moon madness and religious indoctrination which were traumas I was free from, because I have spent 53 years of my life as a practicing and loyal Rosicrucian, and I had already discovered these things. For 42 of those years I received monographs for study to take me through 12 degrees of 'enlightenment', all of which "appeared to be" in agreement with everything The Template told me. During this period I travelled through almost every religion, and I was ordained or formally initiated into some of them, gathering titles as I went, paradoxically, including that of a Master Mason. I was also certified as a 9th Degree Head of School in Chinese Martial arts, which included teaching body points and circuits in 10 Adult Educational colleges around WA for many years.

The Template reinforced and mirrored what I had already learnt and I found it easy to integrate and marry into my existing paradigm (despite the consensual differences with the present denegration of the word "Illuminati" - which does mean "a person of light", which we all are unknowingly). Ceremony 7 shook the ground of understanding and I discovered the crumbling walls of a prison I had not realised I was encased in.

On becoming a Rosicrucian in 1958 the word "reflection" was the key word, and monographs were studied while viewing oneself in a mirror by candlelight. During C 7 I realised that the magic word should be "refraction", as I fully awakened to the fact that Reflection (being a mirrored image) is the creator and support for a paradigm of duality! In fact the Rosicrucians stress that we are "dual beings" with two forms of manifestation, similar to religions which makes life on earth simply a holiday away from home for a soul which uses it.

Yes, as we 'evolve', our perceptions change the world we experience, but we do not passively reflect these changes, we create them. I am not a passive fractal in a dualistic process. Every aspect of myself is the process. Light may create me as it travels its journey, but then it also passes through me and I change it! I am the active creator of myself and all that I perceive. The toroidal field of my body is not an in/out tray; it is a fractal of Divine Consciousness which is necessary for it to embody and express itself. It now seems to me that the purpose of all arcane and mystic brotherhoods (albeit unconsciously) is to perpetuate this duality paradigm of life, which is necessary to maintain the dumbed-down consensus reality of mutated sub-humans.

C7 has opened the door of a cell which was invisible, and exposed me to the process of passing through the release of 77 years of a deluded commitment. What could a C8 ever do to surpass that ?

In love and joy,
Mr P H, Australia, August 2012.