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A Brief Introduction to the Template

THE TEMPLATE: Sonic Codes, Sacred Geometry - Awakening the Light Body Matrix

As the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn, the map of the evolution of the Human entity is indelibly written into your genetic codes. Your ability to activate and integrate the fullness of these codes is a question of circuitry.
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Transcripts of Template DVD Intros, Parts 1, 2 and 3
by Juliet Carter

From the smallest particle to the spiralling galaxies, the subatomic to the universal, a matrix of electromagnetic circuitry connects and energizes manifest creation in one unified body of harmonic resonance.
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Understanding Kinesiology - by Ben Calder

The purpose of bio-energetic kinesiology is to restore the normal flow of energy and to re-establish as balanced an energy flow as possible in the face of any factors that may stress or weaken the subtle bio-energy systems.
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Readings & References

Bridging the Worlds: The Portal of 2012

When next you find yourself staring into the night sky, consider the raw and elemental world of the ancient Mesoamerican shaman astrologers, those visionary calendar priests with their feet planted on an earth free of chemical pollution, gazing into a night sky free of the hindrance of air traffic and city lights.
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