The Template DVD

Transcript of Template DVD Intro, Part 1
by Juliet Carter

From the smallest particle to the spiralling galaxies, the subatomic to the multi universal, a matrix of electromagnetic circuitry connects and energizes manifest creation in one unified body of harmonic resonance. Our blood contains the same divine essence and molecular alchemy as the rivers that run to the sea, our bones are made of the same elemental components as the ancient stone monoliths that silently witness the passing of ages.

We are continually exchanging a dataflow of Source Intelligence with the body of Earth and every form of life within her embrace. Every nuance of celestial diffusion within our solar system influences our individual and collective field of consciousness, as circuits of electromagnetic exchange bind us together as one living ocean of psycho-sensory co-creative space-time coordinates within the unified field.

We are the amalgamation of various visible and invisible energy systems that together generate the Human hologram. The primary system that supplies this unit with the energetic nature of creative Intelligence that births the field is the circuitry system.

At this time, this system is, to a significant degree, malfunctioning. The fact that out of three billion base pair chemicals in the Human gene code only sixty million are active, and that we use only one fifth of our brain capacity, are manifest signs that point to Human genetic modification.

To truly estimate the present condition of this planet and its race, whether to evaluate the integrity of its governing systems, its proclivity to conflict, disease and, ultimately, its mortal program, it is essential to factor into our calculations the genetic manipulation of the Human DNA. For it is this, together with our deviant orbit of the Sun and the presence of a massive body of magnetic disturbance within Earth’s bio-spheric field, that is creating a fear-based, mutant paradigm.

Like all else in the universe of electromagnetic information systems, the Soul Covenant embedded in the Human matrix is built upon the vibratory infrastructure of energy pathways that follow geometric patterns. Form is the shape of consciousness.

Conscious communion with sacred geometry is an intrinsic component in the reactivation of the divine immortal blueprint and the realisation of a true space-time continuum. Sacred geometry is a configurative language of the elemental components of the divine creative force that gives birth to all life. It offers a direct conduit to Prime Consciousness, to Source, bypassing the dogmatic parameters of the intellect to transmit knowledge that exists beyond the reach of religion, philosophy, belief or disbelief. The primary infrastructure of all existence is light. All is light, all is geometry.

As we commune with sacred geometric forms we interact with their fields of informational influence. Their energetic radiance emits a frequency that communes with the vibratory infrastructure of our original blueprint in search of a like frequency with which to resonate. Through this resonant feedback the structural integrity of the original Human Template, present in the Soul Covenant, is reinforced.

Through the disconnection of circuitry and the modification of Human DNA, Humanity’s connection to the Heart of the Cosmos is compromised. Humanity is orphaned, disoriented, lost in a deviant temporal zone, searching blindly for a point of spiritual reference in order to know itself and evolve, adopting preordained, dogmatic belief systems that profess to define the origins of its existence.

In the midst of the many and differing spins on our history and our true identity as Humans, we can trust the living truth of nature and the nameless energetic Intelligence that defines the Benevolent Heart of Creation.

There is one truth, your truth, buried in your dormant DNA.

A confluence of cosmic influences rendered this corner of the galaxy a super-fertile solar system capable of conceiving innumerable exquisite life forms, each one a fractal aspect of a holonomic field of symbiotic evolution, each point of light within the field coded to function as a sensory organ for the development of the integral field.

Were we in electromagnetic resonance within this field we would have by now evolved into a highly advanced race on a blossoming planet, enjoying a path of evolution measured by our ability to translate light and to give and receive love in all that we do: to function as conduits of Source consciousness.

The present concept of progress is measured in terms of lethal technology. There is a conspicuous escalation of depravity in the systems that govern our lives. The material field is showing signs of acute decay. The corruption is evident in the degeneration of ecological, social, political and economic structures. The trend is towards terminal decline.

These are manifest symptoms of a far deeper malignancy, where systemic failure is the core problem. The corruption is in the matrix. To re-establish the integrity of the true matrix is to reactivate the divine immortal Human blueprint.

Built upon the laws of resonant harmonics, creating synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of our dormant DNA, the Template is a transcendent model that offers the un-interpreted, uncensored energetic truth of creation, delivered by the simple reconnection of electromagnetic energy, that truth may open to you, within you.

This upgrade of energy revitalises the endocrine system and renders us able to receive, translate and utilise the geometries of light - that we may ready ourselves for the luminous data density offered by the 2012 portal of opportunity - that we may collectively stabilise a new model of existence, a paradigm resonant with the integrity of light.

Transcript of Template DVD Intro, Part 2
by Juliet Carter

The Template: the reconnection of the Human bio-circuitry through alchemical ceremony.

‘The solution is never found at the level of the problem.’  -  Albert Einstein

The Template is a holonomic interactive model of transcendence, linking alchemical ceremony, sonic codes, sacred geometry, neurochemistry and the endocrine system to DNA resurrection and the transformation of the morphogenetic field, transcending the mutant mortal paradigm and reconnecting Humanity and its mother planet to the holistic space-time continuum.

The Human race, its mother planet and the solar system are in the throes of an evolutionary acceleration as the stars and planets move through the grand crosses and alignments that are bringing the momentum of this age to its grand finale, its punctuated equilibrium. What may be perceived as a crisis is the darkness of the womb that births new life. The rotting fruit falls away to reveal the new seed. The more we can comprehend and appreciate the progressive influences that are guiding this time of transition, the more we can consciously implicate ourselves in, and benefit from, the phenomenal opportunities that are available during a phase of culmination.

As we witness the deterioration within the ecological, social, political and economic world structures, we can welcome and celebrate these signs of decay as the milestones of Humanity’s deliverance from a dualistic paradigm, embracing our collective responsibility to achieve a level of personal transformation that will impact the human morphogenetic field, as transformation on the level of this matrix is vital to sustainable enlightenment and conscious evolution on a planetary scale.

Transcendence of duality is understood as the ultimate goal of the 21st century alchemist. The new synthesis of science and spirituality recognizes matter and spirit to be one energy in difference stages of manifestation, altering the way in which we perceive ourselves and our reality.

Intrinsic to the theoretical base of this higher physics of creation is the recognition of the holographic nature of all manifestation. Through the embrace of this holonomic awareness, we can acknowledge and appreciate, on ever deepening levels, the symbiotic resonance that defines us as individualised aspects of one unified body of Divine Consciousness.

This holistic model has inspired in us an expanded awareness of our physical bodies and has influenced us to explore the concept of regeneration at the fulcrum level, changing the patterns of our behaviour, not by attempting to alter their obtuse manifestation, but by affecting the fountainhead from which they emerge.

Driven to gain mastery over our inner workings and to discover how we interact with and co-create our reality instead of searching for the out-of-body experience, in order to realise our spiritual identity, we are aware that our physicality is the pinnacle of the manifestation of our divinity. We are unborn, eternal and everlasting.

Never was there a time when we did not exist.

Never will there come a time when we cease to be.

The masterpiece of Human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension as Earth is the sensory organ for Human ascension. The physical vehicles we embody are the instruments through which we will transcend this fear- based reality and create, through the resurrection of our full genetic potential, a new paradigm, a golden age.

In the words of Terence McKenna:

‘The mind is more powerful than any particle accelerator, more sensitive than any radio receiver, or the largest optical telescope, more complete in its grasp of information than any computer. The human body, its voice, its power of locomotion, and its imagination is a more than sufficient means for the exploration of any time, or energy level in the universe.’

Through alternative healing methods we have become aware of our electromagnetic energy fields and the importance of our neurobiology and biochemistry. Through this and the discoveries made in the area of genetics we are becoming aware that our chemistry affects our consciousness. Taking this further, we are now making the connection between the mutant state of our DNA and the present global insanities of war, genocide and endless Human suffering.

These atrocities are not the results of the confluence of degenerative circumstances, neither are they culturally, economically or politically engendered, nor can they be attributed to the truth-less charge of the innate corruption of human nature.

This fear-based dualistic paradigm and its myriad and deviant programs can be traced to the modification of the Human blueprint and the resultant visual, audible feedback of the reality matrix that mirrors the degraded state of our collective consciousness. Earth’s position within the solar system at this time is drawing Her into alignment with the Galactic Core, opening a grand starry avenue of coherent communion with the Heart of the Cosmos, rendering Earth and Her inhabitants susceptible to exponentially intensifying density waves.

The photonic codes embedded in these activation streams are a super-operable feed of transubstantiated Source Consciousness, geometrically patterned to stimulate and upgrade our evolutionary symbiotic relationship with light, with each other, our Earth and every planet within the original design of our solar system.

Our ability to access these codes and harmonically recalibrate with these cosmic influences is reliant upon our ability to receive, translate and utilise light.

Transcript of Template DVD Intro, Part 3
by Juliet Carter


The modification of our original blueprint has resulted in the disconnection of vital circuitry that has led to the atrophy of our endocrine system and at this time we are unable to translate the full spectrum of the vital data present in light.

Light, as the quintessential form of consciousness made coherent, is the radiant emissary of the supreme organizing principle, luminously embodied by our Sun.

It is in discovering the co-creative nature of our relationship with the Sun and the Earth that our quintessential identity is revealed to us.

Our Sun deciphers and interprets the matrix of Source Intelligence projected as light from the galactic core. We, as biological units of circuitry, are the sensory organs through which this light is received, decoded and transmitted into the morphogenetic field of Earth consciousness. The range and integrity of the code we are able to download dictates the paradigm we collectively experience.

As stargates in time and space, portals through which Divine Consciousness flows, the alchemical masterpiece of our Human design was created to elucidate the divinity of light; to be the instrument upon which the Benevolence of our Conception may conduct a symphony of creation, each one of us expressing a sentient fractal harmonic of its Consciousness.

Our Sun generates the photonic matrix of creation, communicating a cascade of radiant matrices, reaching out to Earth’s embrace for a resonant field in which to conceive matter.

This sacred communion between the Mother of Form and the Father of Consciousness realizes interference patterns of geometries that nest seamlessly, morphing, birthing ever more dense fields of manifestation, cohering into the crystallization of matter, translating light’s subtle impulses as life forms that walk, fly and swim, clothed in fur, feather and skin, trees, flowers and shimmering wings. Earth transforms the awareness of Her Sun into the living poetry of form and feeling, color and sound.

Our Sun represents to our psyche the ultimate comprehensive monadic geometry of existence. It is our prime connection to the Benevolence of our Creation. Its light is the counter-resonant field for our divine immortal blueprint.

Enlightenment is not simply a conceptual acquisition. It is a literal ability to become resonant with the evolutionary propensities in the geometries of light.

We need no more middle-men, no mediators between ourselves and the Benevolence of our Creation, no more creeds and doctrines. The truth is in this moment, transmitted from the Heart of the Cosmos, relating through creation and defining its message in a ray of light.

On Earth, in this temporal zone, Humanity is suffering a deficient morphic resonance with its Sun’s transmissions due to the disconnection of circuitry and the resultant atrophy of the endocrine system that actively translates and utilizes the creation codes embedded in light. Each sunrise and sunset now counts off the increment of time that defines our journey towards the grave. The Sun, rather than the sustainer of life, has become the hourglass of our death. The assimilation and translation of light as information is integral to the process of individual and collective transcendence of this fear-based mortal paradigm.

Our ability to assimilate light is reliant upon the integrity of our circuitry, and, specifically, the endocrine system it sustains. Thus, the reconnection of circuitry is fundamental to the transcendence of the life/death/rebirth cycle.



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